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Experts in Electrical Equipment Refurbishing and Testing

Group CBS Is Pleased To Announce
The Acquisition of Carolina Precision Switchgear

Group CBS and its nationwide network of affiliated companies will provide
Carolina Precision Switchgear unparalleled support, including access to the
largest inventory of low and medium voltage apparatus & replacement parts
in the U.S.; engineering & training services; remote racking & switching
solutions; and specialty test equipment. The following link will provide
you additional information on Group CBS.

 Carolina Precision Switchgear specializes in refurbishing low and medium voltage circuit breakers restoring the equipment back to pristine condition.

Reconditioning existing electrical equipment can save you time and money.

Circuit Breaker Refurbishing vs Retrofill 

can save you tens of thousands of dollars

 or approximately 30% of the cost of a new retrofill installation.


Each breaker that enters our facility goes through a comprehensive process.

  Our Level II PEARL certified technicians will first inspect and troubleshoot each breaker.  Next it will  be completely disassembled down to the last nut and bolt.  We will then buff, clean, silver plate or dichromate as needed, as well as repair or replace damaged parts.  Our technicians then meticulously rebuild the breaker, make final adjustments, lubricate, and perform final testing before returning the circuit breaker back to the customer.

Carolina Precision Switchgear In-Shop Services
Carolina Precision Switchgear customer site services

Our electrical circuit breaker and switchgear repair mobile service provides an effective alternative to off-site servicing. Our trailers are equipped with all the necessary calibrated test equipment including a primary injection test set in order to complete on-site testing.

Our newly renovated 10,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility is equipped to perform refurbishment and testing of low and medium voltage circuit breakers to bring them back to their original performance.

Carolina Precision Switchgear Comprehensive Services

We can perform various electrical testing from start to finish on your switchgear equipment.  From infrared inspection, primary and secondary injection, DC primary injection, MV relay, Transformers and switchgear components, etc. 

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Access to over 800

CBS ArcSafe products including Remote Racking Solutions, Remote Switch Operators & Remote Switch Actuators & Kits. 


For an On-line or site DEMO  please contact us. 

Plus: Federal Pacific/Federal Pioneer, Merlin Gerin, Schneider and more
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