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 In-Shop Services

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Electrical equipment in need of repair or testing can also be shipped to Carolina Precision Switchgear's 10,000 sq. ft fully equipped facility to perform refurbishing and testing of low and medium voltage circuit breakers.

Our testing equipment is calibrated per ANSI/NCSL Z540-1994 & ISO9001.2008 & ETI.QA Manual Rev. 1/02/01.

Requirements of 10CFR21 & 10CFR50 App. B are also covered, when contractually specified.

Carolina Precision Switchgear uses calibrated equipment for reconditioning and testing including a primary injection test set with a new MAC-20 digital upgrade for relay testing. AC and DC High current testing, Digital low resistance ohmmeters (DLRO), HiPot Tester, Vacuum Bottle Tester, Digital Timer, torque wrenches etc.  With over 100 calibrated test sets/equipment at our disposal, we've got you covered.


  • Access to various manufacturer replacement parts as well as obsolete parts.

  • In-house PEARL certified service technicians

  • Controlled environment.

  • Ceramic Tumbler, Sand blaster and Paint booth all located on premises for preparing, cleaning, buffing parts and pieces.

  • Plating of breaker and switchgear components, including, silver and dichromate.


Carolina Precision Switchgear Shop 704-596-4242
Model mac 20 primary injection tester at Carolina Precision Switchgear
Ceramic Tumbler
Digital timer
Paint Booth- Carolina Precision Switchge
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