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Carolina Precision Switchgear

is proud to represent the complete line of

CBS ArcSafe Equipment

Remote Circuit Breaker Racking Devices, Remote Switch Actuators, Operators & Kits 

Circuit Breaker Compatibility

The CBS ArcSafe universal remote racking systems can accommodate a wide variety of

low- and medium-voltage circuit breaker types from different manufacturers. 

Remote Racking Device

Remote Racking System


Remote Switch kit (aka) Chicken Switch ®

By permitting the automatic racking of the circuit breaker from a remote location, the CBS ArcSafe remote racking system replaces the manual racking operation and removes the operating personnel from manual contact with the circuit breaker. The unique design of the CBS ArcSafe remote racking system, with its specially manufactured drive shafts and tooling, enables the system to operate with all types of circuit breakers produced by the major switchgear manufacturers. The CBS ArcSafe remote racking system can operate with drawout types of air, SF6, and vacuum circuit breakers that have either a horizontal or vertical racking operation.


Remote Switch Actuators

The CBS ArcSafe remote switch actuators are designed to remotely charge, close, and /or trip various styles and types of electrical equipment.

Remote Switch Actuator - RSA-80
Westinghouse Air Circuit Breaker

RSA-80 for use with Westinghouse Air Circuit Type Circuit Breaker

Remote Switch Actuator - RSA-91AM
GE Insulated Case Circuit Breaker

RSA-91A for use with General Electric Insulated Case Type Circuit Breaker

 Carolina Precision Switchgear will gladly help you choose which products best suit your facility.   

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