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Comprehensive Testing

infrared imaging.jpg

We have over 100 individual test sets/equipment accurately calibrated and ready to inspect and test your electrical equipment.   


  • Complete Circuit Breaker Refurbishing

  • Circuit Breaker repairs onsite or at our facility

  • Circuit Breaker Testing and Inspections

  • AC and DC Primary Injection with High Current Test 

  • Secondary Injection testing of low voltage breakers

  • Switchgear/Switchboard Inspections

  • Medium Voltage Over Current Protective Relay Testing

  • Transformer Testing/Megger/TTR/Power Factor Testing

  • Transformer Oil Analysis

  • Tan Delta and VLF Cable Testing

  • Power Quality Testing/Monitoring

  • Infrared Inspection

  • Switchgear Ground Fault Testing

  • Facility Ground Testing

  • AC and DC Breaker Testing

  • Lockout Tag out

  • Install Grounds for personnel protection

  • Zero Voltage Check

  • plus more...

DC High Current Tester at Carolina Precision Switchgear
Bottle Vacuum Tester_edited.jpg
Vacuum Bottle Test
Siemens-Allis being tested.jpg
HiPot Test at Carolina Precision Switchgear
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